Art Parties for Adults

"When the ordinary just won't do"

You are not your mother so why should your engagement, wedding or baby shower be the "same-old same-old" kind of party?

If the idea of standing-around-making-small-talk or trading horror stories about how long your friend's labor was is not your idea of fun and you want a party that everyone will talk about for months, then VisArts’ adult art parties are for you! We can keep it simple or we can make it fancy. At VisArts, we excel at combining creative activities with celebrations. Simply put, we put the ART in PARTY!

Fused Glass Plates: $37.50/person

Two hour event.

This is one of our most popular classes. Your guests will make either a 6” square or 4” x 6” rectangular plate while they learn how to cut glass and create beautiful one of a kind glass plates. This is a terrific introduction to working with “warm glass”. Glass plates will be full fused and slumped and ready to pick up two weeks after the class.

Mona Lisa Smiles: $20/person

Three hour event.

In the movie “Mona Lisa Smiles” students are given a “paint by numbers” canvas of DaVinci’s famous painting as their final art class assignment. While some of the students tried to copy DaVinci’s style, others “went off the reservation” to create works that bore very little resemblance to the original painting. We’ll encourage your guests to be inspired to make work that reflects their own individual style while being inspired by the original work and the artist who created it. We’ll provide a lightly sketched 16x20 canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, easel and of course a great instructor to talk about mixing colors and paint application.

Painted Platters: $30/person

Two and one-half hour event.

Practice surface decoration techniques on a 9x9 bisque platter. Using stencils, dabbers, slip trailing and underglazes your guests will create a masterpiece that will be ready to pick up 10 business days after the class.

Clay Creations: $30/person

Two hour event.

We offer two different kind of clay experiences for our private parties. Our “Impressions” project starts with a beautiful wheel thrown mug form that your participants can alter and decorate using stamps, sprigs, underglazes, natural objects, texture tools, lace and anything else they can find. There will be a brief wheel demonstration so that participants can appreciate the skill involved in creating the form they are working with. The second clay experience involves working with soft clay slabs to create a vessel from scratch. As with the Impression mug project students will be able to texture, alter and color their creations. All projects will be bisque fired and then clear glazed. Projects will be ready for pick up two weeks after the event.

Mosaic Mirrors: $30/person

Additional $10.00 if VisArts grouts your mirror

Three hour event.

VisArts provides 10x10 mirror frames, stained glass, ceramic tiles, glass tiles and everything else you will need to create a one of a kind mosaic mirror. Our experienced instructors will teach participants how to cut class, assemble and then finally grout their mirrors. Participants will be given individual packages of grout so that they can easily grout their mirrors at home once their tiles have set.

Special Holiday Party: Gingerbread Houses: $30/person

Two and one-half hour event.

Indulge your creative inner child to your heart's content! We provide the gingerbread house- already assembled and ready to decorate on its own cardboard base. We’ll give you royal icing and all of the candy you could ever want to create your dream house come true. You will be amazed at what you can create and take home.

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Private Party FAQs

How much will my event cost?

All private parties and teambuilding events that take place at VisArts have a $250.00 facility/instructor charge. For larger groups that need additional room or teachers, the facility/instructor charge will be $450.00.

In addition to the facility/instructor charge, there will be a per person materials charge that varies depending upon which project you select to do.

If your event runs past the allotted time, or if you need special equipment such as a bar, additional tables for eating or linens, there may be additional charges associated with your event.

If your event will be held off-site, there is an additional $200.00 fee to cover travel costs, packing and delivering materials to the site of the event and then return those materials to VisArts.

Can I provide my own food and alcoholic beverages?

Private event hosts and hostesses are welcome to provide their own food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages for their events. All food must come from a licensed food facility such as a restaurant, caterer or grocery store. No homemade food is permitted to be served. If alcoholic beverages are provided, the host and/or hostess are responsible for ensuring that no one under the age of 21 is served. In addition, no open containers of alcohol are permitted to be removed from the premises pursuant to Maryland law. The event host/hostess is also responsible for making sure that no one who is obviously intoxicated is served or leaves the premises intoxicated.

How long do I have for my event?

The price of the private event includes the use of a classroom for the length of the art project (usually between 2 and 3 hours). If additional time for meetings, gift giving and eating is required, additional hours are available for $75.00 per hour or part thereof. If additional tables are needed for food and beverage buffets or additional seating is required for the consumption of food away from the art activity, please talk to our private event planner, Karen Askin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Do I need to give a deposit and what happens if I have to cancel the event?

A deposit of $300.00 is required to hold a room and engage a teacher. Your reservation will not be final until this deposit is received. The balance is due the day of the event. If the event is cancelled more than two weeks prior to the event, the deposit will be fully refunded. Events that are cancelled less than two weeks prior to the event date will result in forfeiture of ½ of the deposit. Events that are cancelled within five days of the scheduled event will forfeit the entire deposit at the discretion of VisArts staff.

When is the final guest count due and what happens if it changes at the last minute?

Final guest counts are due no later than one week prior to an event. After the final count is given, the client will be charged for that number of guests even if the number of guests decreases. The number of guests can increase after the final count is given but not by more than 10% of the final guest count given.

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