Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency

Call for Bresler Resident Applications

Deadline:  November 12, 2015

Notification to Applicants:  December 4, 2015

Residency term: Four months                                                  

Rent:  Free

Background on VisArts

VisArts is a non-profit arts center dedicated to engaging the community in the arts through educational programming, gallery exhibitions and a studio artist program.  Since its founding in 1987, VisArts has provided children, teens and adults with opportunities to express their creativity and enhance their awareness of the arts. VisArts is located in the heart of Rockville Town Center, a thriving gathering place for the local community. VisArts is home to three gallery spaces, seven artist studio spaces, a curatorial program, arts education classrooms and offers a vibrant exhibition schedule featuring contemporary emerging, mid-career and established artists.  It is a dynamic and important presence in the greater metropolitan arts community.

The Fleur and Charles Bresler Artist Residency

In honor of VisArts patrons, Fleur and Charles Bresler, VisArts offers local, national, and international artists a four month residency at the VisArts facility in Rockville, Maryland.  The Bresler Residency provides a unique opportunity for a dynamic artist to create a new body of work or evolve an existing body of work in a stimulating environment and participate in a group exhibition within a year of the residency.  Studio space will be provided free of charge in an environment that encourages interaction, dialogue and exploration both within the VisArts artist community and the larger Rockville community as well. VisArts is eco-friendly and seeks artists who are committed to using materials that are not harmful to the environment.


Program Requirements


Qualified applicants should be professional artists over the age of 18; the program is not designed for current students or commercial artists.

Artists working in all media are welcome to apply, but VisArts cannot support the use or storage of hazardous materials that require specific ventilation and specialty disposal requirements.

Bresler Residents are expected to support VisArts galleries and mission by:

  • Participating in studio artist pot-lucks and “critique sessions;”
  • Being available to the public at specified periods and giving at least one artist talk to the public during the residency term;
  • Opening their studios during VisArts gallery opening receptions scheduled each year and during VisArts’ annual open studio day.
  • Initiating community outreach activities with VisArts studio artists and the greater Rockville community; and,
  • Other mutually agreed upon outreach activities.

Residents must work in their studio at VisArts for a minimum of 28 hours/week.

Description of the Space and Limitations on Use


The Bresler Resident will be provided with an unfurnished 169 square foot studio that has natural light.  There is no charge for the studio.  The studio may only be used for art-making activities.  The term is for a period of four months.

The Bresler Resident studio is located on the second floor of the VisArts facility along the common area known as the “Artist Concourse.” This hallway connects VisArts’ primary event rental space, the Buchanan Event Room and its main exhibition space, the Kaplan Gallery.

Bresler Residents shall have 365 day, 24-hour access to their studios.  On some occasions when the Buchanan Event Room is being rented by a client for a private event, artists may not have access to their studios.  These events usually occur on Saturday afternoons and evenings. VisArts’ event rental staff provides a monthly events calendar to artists so that they have advance notice of times when studio access is limited.

Bresler Residents are responsible for maintaining the studio in a safe and tidy manner and will not make alterations to the space without permission. They are responsible for the acquisition, insurance and care of their equipment and materials.  Artists who wish to have kilns and other equipment that create additional electrical use must obtain permission for each piece of equipment that they wish to use in their studios.  There will be a utility surcharge of up to $40.00 per month for those studios that have kilns or other equipment.

Free use of VisArts equipment is not included as part of the Bresler Residency.  Use and scheduling of VisArts equipment and additional charges will be determined by the VisArts Education director at her sole discretion

Bresler Residents must leave the studio in the state in which it was found and remove all belongings at the end of their residency.


Application and Selection Process

Applications are available on the VisArts website.

Required materials include:

  • Application Materials


    • Images:  Submit 10 images of work produced during the last three years. Work samples can be a combination of high resolution jpgs and time-based media (*up to 10 minutes total). *For collaborative teams, 10 images of collaborative work are required as well as a statement of the collaborative nature of the work. *Two minutes of video, film, sound or performance documentation = one work.  Artists may choose to include links to Vimeo or You Tube public accounts for time-based work samples.
    • Image Requirements: You may submit up to 10 images. They must be in .jpg, .tiff, .png, or .gif file format. Minimum image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Maximum file size 5MB per image. Files must be labeled in the following way: first name last name-title of artwork-1.ext, first name last name-title of artwork-2.ext, etc. The file number corresponds with the number on the list of works. (Ex. John Doe-Untitled-1.jpg) 
  • List of Works Form- Numbered list of artworks with the following information: artist name, title of artwork, year, dimensions, description of artwork (optional).


  • Resume/CV


  • Brief Artist Bio


  • Artist Statement


  • Residency proposal: Describe your project, goals for the residency, and how you will link your residency to the community.


  • Please indicate the preferred dates for a residency:


                        _____January 6 – May 8, 2016

                        _____May 11 – September 11, 2016

                        _____September 14 – January 8, 2017


  • $15 application fee


The preferred means of submitting applications is online, however they may also be mailed or hand delivered.


Online:   Complete the online application and submit all required documents on the VisArts website. Apply Now!


All applications will be reviewed by a panel of artists and arts professionals.

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