Artist Opportunities

residentartist066VisArts' Artist in Residence Program is open to all artists over the age of 18. Studios range from a wonderfully lit 169 square foot studio with large windows to a large 274.5 square foot studio with a large closet. All studios have high ceilings and access to a common area where artists can engage in explorative collaboration and discussions on technique and processes.

List of Current Opportunities

The Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency at VisArts

Application Deadline:
December 31, 2014 before midnight
Application Fee:

The Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency at VisArts invites applications and proposals from local, national and international artists for an 8 week residency at VisArts at Rockville. The Residency offers artists a dedicated studio, a supportive environment and the gift of time to plan, research, construct and present proposed projects. The Residency welcomes artists working in all media, but cannot support the use of hazardous materials that require specific ventilation requirements.

The Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency at VisArts offers:

  • 169 square foot studio with large windows, sink
  • Wireless internet access
  • 24-hour access to studio
  • Opportunity for presentation to the community

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 31, 2014 before midnight

*Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Applications are now being accepted for the following residency periods:

  • August 5 – October 5, 2015

(Note: Applicants must indicate two preferred residency dates (1st & 2nd choice)

Resident Artist Application

VisArts is looking for an artist to share one of our larger studios with Kate Westfall, one of our ceramic resident artists. Because of kiln space limitations we are not accepting applications from ceramic or glass artists. Studios are not closed so we cannot accept applications from artists using traditional oil paints.

This call shall be open through April 25, 2014 and a decision will be made by May 2, 2014.

Studio Specifics:

  • 355 square feet to be shared equally with current resident artist
  • Abundant natural light
  • Stainless steel sink with particulate trap
  • 24/7 hour access to studio except when otherwise indicated by event staff. This most often occurs on Saturday afternoons and Saturday evenings when there are large events.
  • Studio must be used primarily for the purpose of making art. While teaching is permitted, the studio is to be considered a working studio for the applicant
  • Rent per month: $309.31
  • Lease term is through May 30, 2015. There is no automatic right to renew the lease for additional terms.
  • Artists must work thirty hours per week in their studios of which 15 hours must coincide with hours that the gallery is open to the public.
  • In addition to working thirty hours per week, resident artists are required to participate in the monthly Third Thursday program and to have their studios open during all gallery openings.

Application Deadline: April 25, 2014
*Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Open Call for Entries

Application Deadline:
Application Fee:

Artists and curators may submit unsolicited proposals for review.

Submissions will be reviewed every December.

Please keep in mind that submission does not guarantee acceptance. Exhibition plans are made 2 years in advance.

Incomplete submission packages will not be reviewed.

Applicants who have participated in a solo exhibition at VisArts within the past two years are not eligible to apply for a solo exhibition. Curators who have organized an exhibition at VisArts within the past two years are not eligible to submit a curatorial proposal.

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