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Cocktails and Canvas
  • African Sunset

    Indulge your desire for lush color and intriguing scenery with this lovely image. Your finished painting will look beautiful wherever it is displayed.
  • An Evening in Paris

    If you can't actually take a boat ride on the Seine, you can at least paint the Parisian sky and its iconic landmarks. Painting this image will be like taking a vacation without actually getting on a plane.
  • Balloons

    Recreate this serene landscape image for your own enjoyment. Its pastoral image is an inspiration to let your creativity soar.
  • Beached Boat

    This delightful painting evokes memories of blissful summer days and hours passed in pursuit of nothing more than happiness. Hang it in your home and be prepared to be happy as well.
  • Blue Dog

    The Blue Dog series is one of the greatest examples of modern Southern art. Try your hand at your own version of this American icon. Blue, green, pink --its your choice, make it the way you like it.
  • Cat and Flowers

    What a fun and original painting. Really we like this image because it makes us smile and it is easy enough to recreate for your own happy space.
  • Cherry Blossom

    Paint this iconic Washington flower. A lovely and easy image to paint.
  • Dahlias

    This is a beautiful image  and the only one that we paint on a black canvas. The black canvas allows for delightful shading and unique effects -- take advantage of this special canvas and create your unique work of art.
  • Dusk

    Another from our masterpiece series-- this one is Monet's delicious rendering of a Venetian sunset. You don't have to go to Italy to see this beauty, paint it and it can be yours forever.
  • Fireflower

    Part of our Gamer/Comic series, this fun painting is sure to be a blast for painters of all ages.
  • Flowers in a Chair

    Henri Matisse's Flowers in a Chair is another one of those images that looks harder to paint than it is. Using a step by step approach your VisArts instructor will help you produce your own bouquet of beauty.
  • Georgia O’Keefe Abstract

    This abstract is part of the iconic mid century output of an American original. Come to VisArts and you can make this original your own.
  • Green Apples

     This simple and beautiful image will be a pleasure to paint and a pleasure to hang in your kitchen or wherever you choose — it is sure to fit in.

  • Ice Cream

    This delightful painting evokes nostalgic memories of life's simplest pleasures. Hang it in your home as a reminder to enjoy life's little joys.
  • Kandinsky: Circles

    This well-known work provides a wonderful opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Follow along with the colors chosen by Kandinsky or create one that reflects your own artistic vision or need for an art work to match your decor!
  • Keith Haring: Love

    We love to paint this ode to love! It is an easy paint for artists of all levels. The relatively simple theme allows plenty of time to work on color and brush work as you create your own rendition.
  • Lavender Fields

    This beautiful image evokes summer all year long with its depiction of lush fields of gorgeous lavender. Breathe deep and maybe you can smell the perfume as you paint!
  • Marilyn Close Up

    This Andy Warhol iconic image is a wonderfully fun painting experience. It is one of very few face images that we paint and we chose it because it always turns out great. Follow along in the yellow palette or pick your own color scheme.
  • Monet Waterlilies

    During his life Claude Monet painted more than 250 scenes of his garden in Giverny. This version is calm and cool and is a delight to recreate.
  • Orange Tabby

    Who doesn't love a kitty gazing out over a field of twinkling stars? This is a fun and easy paint that will look great in any decor and will bring a smile to your face every time you remember how much fun it was to paint!
  • Pears

     We invite you to join us for our watercolor series! This class will be an introduction to painting with watercolor. You’ll learn wet-on-wet techniques and color blending from our watercolor expert Sunju Choi and then she will guide you while you recreate this lovely watercolor painting. This is an instructor-led painting class – part technique,…

  • Pink Tulip

    Another in Georgia O'Keefe's iconic flower series, this is an abstract representation of a pink tulip. It is a lovely palette of pinks and pastels.
  • Poppies and Polka Dots

    Looking for a fun and easy painting experience? This is the one -- enjoy yourself and paint this happy image for yourself or give as a gift, it's sure to be appreciated wherever it hangs.
  • Proud as a Peacock

    This stylish peacock is your chance to let loose and create a painting to be proud of. It's beautiful in both color and design.
  • Red Calla

    One of our more popular floral images, this is a challenging painting that our students regularly recreate with great success.
  • Red Poppy

    By the end of her life, Georgia O'Keeffe had completed more than 200 flower paintings, including this striking 1927 creation. This bold work was honored in 1992 as a U.S. postal stamp but you don't have to send a letter to see it -- you can paint your own. Be prepared for immersion into color as the painting comes to life through shading and color tones.
  • Red Sunflower

    This striking sunflower will provide a splash of color wherever you hang it. Its a fun and breezy paint perfect for a low-stress experience.
  • Star Gazer

    Another one of our floral series -- this one a dramatic close-up with jewel-like detail.